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Monday, July 27, 2009

Sweet Sixteen - Happy Birthday Abby !!!

Sixteen years ago today…

T’was Nineteen Ninety Three….

A precious gift arrived to us…

Your mother… yes, and me…

Twas such a tiny gift, you know

All cradled in my hand….

That God could make this tiny thing.

A precious baby grande.

Amazes me, e’en to this day;

How wonderful God’s plan

For on that day so long ago

Your precious life began.

A little sister, you became

For Anna, and T-Mac…

and oh the joy you brought us…


my memories go way back….

We named you Abby, that’s not news!

But let me clarify….

I’ll try to not be shallow

As I share the reason why!!

We saw it in a movie…

Goodness gracious, that’s so lame!

Cause giving names to babies

Surely’s not a silly GAME!

But really it was not

a shallow game we played that day….

Because the meaning of your name

Lives out in you each day!

For God knew then ,and we know now,

Just why we chose your name….

Twas not a movie star or theme

Though special just the same…

It’s who you are.... Miss Abbigail

You ARE who you are named…

You are a “Source of Joy,” you know

And this I’ve oft proclaimed.

You’ve often been the glue that kept

This fam-i-ly intact

Its hard to think you’re able

Since some think you’re just plain CRACKED!

But know this, on your special day

How much to us you mean

You are a special source of joy!

My baby….Sweet Sixteen!

I love you Tigger,